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What is Velboa(Part 2)?

Jan 01, 2019

Velboa is a low pile, faux fur fabric that is especially versatile for crafters. It’s tough-wearing and is available in many solid colors as well as patterns. Blankets, pet products, baby clothes, costumes and stuffed animal toys are just some of the many possible uses for velboa in crafting.

Pets like velboa's softness and owners like its hard-wearing, yet attractive appeal. Many pet beds and pet toys take advantage of these qualities, and items made from it make great gifts for pets and pet owners too.

Velboa blankets are fast and fun to make as gifts for babies, children and adults. They are a very welcome gift as they are soft and strong. Most people find that it's easy to find a color or pattern suitable for nearly any purpose, as the fabric is available in all kinds of designs. Many shades of solid colors are made, as are a range of patterns from florals, to animal prints, to graphic designs. Velboa is also often available in textures such as ribbed or embossed.

mink fur velboa-02