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What is velboa plush fabric?

Jul 08, 2019

    Velboa plush fabric also be called short pile plush fabric. It's a new type of knitted warp knitted fabric, after deep development, the series of products are super-soft velboa(EF velboa), flat silk velboa, short pile velboa plush fabric series products, which are widely used in clothing, bed products, shoes and caps and other fields. To lower prices, higher quality, practice in foreign trade, domestic factories, achieved good sales results. The fabric uses polyester DTY75D/144F and FDY54D/24F as raw materials. The product has strong body, soft handle and strong wool shape. After pretreatment, heat setting and wet treatment before dyeing, the fabric shrinks and the density increases. Dyeing and finishing fabrics are not only brilliant and shining, but also three-dimensional and dynamic. Especially, the high F of DTY75D/144F can increase the softness of the fabric. Soft texture, comfortable feel, through special processing to achieve moisture-proof, warm and other special functions.