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What is velveteen?

Mar 01, 2019

What is the picture of velveteen fabric?English: cotton linterAlso called: cottonseed lint, cotton lint.The staple fiber from the cotton seed epidermis after ginning is an important raw material for cellulose extraction.It is a cotton seed ovule epidermal cells protuberant extension of the thickened and enriched from the single cell fiber, the main component of cellulose, some varieties of content as high as 90%.Short pile of length above 13mm can be used for spinning and shorter than 13mm as cellulose material.Used for manufacturing artificial leather, paper, chemical pastes, artificial fibers, celluloid, pharmaceutical fillers, cinematographic film, gunpowder and advanced coatings and plastics, etc.With the development of China's light industry, textile, clothing, footwear and other industries, now, some manufacturers of cotton shoes, cotton-padded clothes, etc. in order to keep warm, have added cotton fleece.

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