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Why should we attend the exhibition?

Feb 13, 2019

Whether for individuals or enterprises, the exhibition is the most direct marketing. 

For enterprise:

1.Low cost contact with potential customers

The most effective way for a company to reach qualified customers is to attend exhibitions.According to the survey, the average cost of using the exhibition to contact customers is only 40% of the cost of other ways to contact customers.

2.Get to know potential customers

Based on the average number of visitors to an exhibitor's booth, only 12% received a call from the company's sales staff in the 12 months before the show, according to the study.88% for new potential customers, and the exhibition also brought high-level new customers for exhibitors.

3.Save time, get twice the result with half the effort

Over the course of a few days, exhibitors have reached more potential customers than they can in six months or even a year.What's more, face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important way to build trust quickly.

4.Market competition analysis

The exhibition site provides an opportunity to study the competitive situation, the role of this opportunity is immeasurable.Here, information on products, prices and marketing strategies provided by competitors can help enterprises to make long-term plans.

5.Expanding corporate influence

Most exhibitions usually attract a lot of media attention, and it is a rare opportunity for exhibitors to make use of media for publicity.

For individual:

1.Learn about peers

Grasp the trend and law of the development of the company, determine the company's accurate development strategy.

2.Investigate local market demand and potential.

After the exhibition has gathered the peers together, I can clearly feel the company's development space and market space, and understand the potential of my own products.

3.Establish and protect company image.

Especially in the regions or countries where customers and dealers gather together, the exhibition can improve the company's image and improve the popularity and competitiveness of the market.

4.Complete the intent of accessing the customer.

A company in a certain region or country may have many customers, and must be relatively lax, alone access not only high cost, and low power.After the exhibition, all the dealers or customers will be able to gather, one by one to negotiate, improve the access and negotiating power.