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Xi: China will further cut tariffs

Nov 07, 2018

"" the first China international import expo opened at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) on the morning of May 5, with President xi jinping attending the opening ceremony and delivering a keynote speech." "

Xi: to further open up, China will step up efforts in the following aspects.

First, unleash the potential of imports.

China's initiative to increase imports is not an expedient measure, but a long-term consideration for the world, the future and common development.

In line with the trend of upgrading domestic consumption, China will adopt more active and effective policies and measures to boost household income and consumption capacity, foster new growth areas for medium - and high-end consumption, unleash the potential of the domestic market, and expand the space for imports.

China will further reduce tariffs, improve customs clearance facilitation, reduce institutional costs of imports, and speed up the development of new business models such as cross-border e-commerce.

China has a large market with a population of over 1.3 billion. China has sincerely opened its market to other countries.