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Accelerating The Pace Of Foreign Investment In The Textile Industry

Aug 11, 2017

accelerating the pace of foreign investment in the textile industry

"China's textile trade accounted for 37% of the world's textile trade, is the world's textile trade the largest country." China Textile Industry Federation International Trade Office Director Lin Yunfeng ICC China Trade and Investment Policy Committee in the first half of 2017 working conference and Chinese enterprises Said at a seminar on investment in the United States.

It is understood that China's textile and garment industry to export labor-intensive products, many textile and garment enterprises have foreign export business, which exports are relatively large enterprises are Jiangsu Guotai International Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd. , Guangdong Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd., in 2016, the amount of its exports were 27.69 billion US dollars, 2.61 billion US dollars, 1.563 billion US dollars. The United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions are China's textile and apparel products, the main export market. Since 2016, China's textile industry export pressure, according to China's customs statistics, textile and garment exports in 2016 fell 1.7% (in RMB), of which textile growth of 1.9%, clothing fell 3.9%.

But Chinese enterprises in overseas investment also need to be cautious. "The main problems that need attention in the process of Chinese enterprises' investment are cultural issues and the localization of the workforce." Lin Yunfeng said that if investment in the United States or Europe and other places, we need to pay attention to cultural differences, because it will lead to different ways of thinking, Communication will be more time-consuming, in the process of investment and acquisition may encounter problems and misunderstandings. But also in the investment after the production process, but also need to consider the local situation to operate, otherwise it may lead to investment failure.