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Antibacterial, Deodorant/deodorizing Technology In 2019 And Its Application In The Sock Industry

Feb 22, 2019

Antibacterial, deodorant/deodorizing technology in 2019 and its application in the sock industry

The 2019 antibacterial, deodorant/deodorizing technology and its application in the sock industry will be held in Shanghai on March 21, 2019.

Foot odor is a problem that most socks wearers have to face. Antibacterial, deodorant and deodorizing socks The antibacterial/deodorizing treatment of the socks allows the socks to have an antibacterial/deodorizing function, thereby achieving the purpose of deodorization. This seminar aims to better promote the application of antibacterial, deodorant/deodorizing technology in the sock industry, enhance the added value of the socks industry, introduce the annual brand of antibacterial deodorant/deodorizing socks, promote the integrity of quality, and solve the problem of consumer foot odor problem.