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August 18th Textile Three Major Raw Materials Price Quotations Morning Paper

Aug 18, 2017

(8.17): Cotton spot weak adjustment, cotton reserves resale relatively, negotiate transactions generally, Xinjiang length 27-28, strong 26-27 offer 14900-15100 yuan / ton. While the spot is also presented by the trend, Hebei 3128 real estate cotton price provided 15000 yuan / ton gross, 28 double Xinjiang hand picked cotton price 16000 yuan / ton, most manufacturers just need to reserve cotton. And because the reserve cotton reserve price is lower, there are purchasing reserve cotton futures futures operations.

Polyester staple fiber (8.17): PTA in the morning futures rose slightly, polyester Market partial adjustment, finishing the main staple, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D direct spinning polyester staple fiber factory mainstream price 7950-8350 yuan / ton range, to discuss the offer is not a relatively mainstream discourse or in the 7900-8100 yuan / ton near the factory, slightly high or near the factory 8150-8250 yuan / ton.

Viscose staple fiber (8.17): the end of the mainstream quotations 16000-16300 yuan / ton, the actual implementation of the center of gravity 16000 yuan / ton near. Trading atmosphere is acceptable, downstream replenishment on demand, viscose factory completed pre orders mainly. High end mainstream quote 16500-16600 yuan / ton, the actual implementation of not less than 16400 yuan / ton, relatively solid customer resources, production and marketing remain high. Partially signed orders can be extended until the end of the month.