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Changshu Dying Factory Inspections And Environmental Regulations

Jun 15, 2017

Recently, to meet the the environmental needs for the fresh air as well as to look for the illegal printing and dying factories that slipped through previous inspections.  Changshu city, just near Zhangjiagang city and is the city where our business partner Continental dying Co. located has started a printing and dying furnance inspections.  And as reported, 4 printing companies are forced to shut down, 10 businesses are suspended, and another 76 required to be improved and need to be rechecked.  

This operation was designated to eliminate the small workshops which own the majority of the small printing and dying furnance that consumes a lot of coal and fossil fuel and emit CO2s and other hazardrous gases into the air way over the standards.  Luckily, our business partner Continental dying Co. is of pretty large scale and did not have illegal emissions.  Therefore, it was not a great hit to the our buiness as well as the dying factory. 

It is worth mentioning that a critical part of this inspection is pointing towards using the raw material of lumber, since Continental dying Co was merely a dying company, it does not need to use wood in any perspective.  

During the past 20-30 years of China's economic booming period, China has indeed achieved astrodinary economic growth for over 10% while at its peak.  But instead, our own homeland has suffered during this amazing period; but luckily from what i have seen, it is indeed getting better and better.  When i was a kid, i could remember the river that run through Zhangjiagang city to be relatively clean and lively; then after i entered the schools especially at junior high, the rivers were stincky and silent, it is not considered as polluted but it is pretty stincky because it is blocked and the water does not flow.  Then when i came back from America every summer, i could see the buildings rising at such stunning speed, roads built so fast like it cost nothing and most importantly, the environment and rivers just keeps getting better. 

below are the comparison of Zhangjiagang of 1990-2000 to now 

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