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Changshu's Heavy-handed Efforts To Regulate The Three In On Garment Industry Cluster Ushered In A Security Test

Jun 27, 2018

In April, a fire in changshu, jiangsu province, led the garment industry cluster to step up its efforts to control the "three in one" (production, storage, accommodation) and group rentals.

Therefore, changshu government also issued a "about a thorough overhaul of the February" triad "and group of circular rent fire hazard, announced that starting from April until the end of September, throughout the city to carry out a thorough screening overhaul a special work, resolutely put an end to casualty accidents.

"Three in one" becomes a security risk

The reporter learned from relevant departments that in changshu, there are many cases of renting local houses for clothing business, as well as production, storage and accommodation for employees.

Taking the mocheng street where changshu garment city is located as an example, there are more than 5,600 rental houses with potential fire hazard and urgent need for improvement.

According to statistics, there are about 20,000 "three in one" places in changshu.

Changshu garment city is a name card of changshu garment industry.

"Street market" started from 1985, the rapid growth in the spring tide of reform and opening-up, has sold thousands of one hundred million yuan internationalization clothing accessories professional market, is also a tourist scenic spot, national AAAA shopping market turnover 148.9 billion yuan last year.

Along with the agglomeration and development of the garment industry, a large group of foreign population gradually set up camp on the garment industry chain of changshu, which also resulted in the "three in one" and group rent.

It is known that the total registered population and floating population of changshu are equal, each with millions of people, and a large proportion of the floating population are garment workers.

Fire in April changshu mo lake village lake city street crane garden as an example, there are 142 families, more buildings have been built for 3 and a half layer of residents from, for the most part is used for rental business clothing workshop, every workshop has more than 10 employees.

The owner of a workshop from fujian told the reporter that they usually rent a whole building. The rent is about 90,000 yuan per year.

"If you rent another place for the workers, it will add a lot of money."

"Said the boss.

In addition to "three in one", it is also common for a house to be rented to multiple households.

Qinglian village, which is also located on the street of mocheng, has more than 3,000 households, four or five times the local population.

"On average, there are seven or eight households in a family, and more than a dozen."

A local scouts, said they have 24 players responsible for routine inspections, reports once found the problem, the fire department, but is often the forefoot check required rectification, hind feet will return again.

The difficulty of environmental remediation is extensive

Learned, changshu the rectification work, in the "triad" will be in strict accordance with the "seven are" requirements, the accommodation and production, management, storage place to share, not according to stipulations for fire compartmentation, shall be investigated according to law;

If the evacuation facilities are not set up in accordance with the requirements and the number of safe exits is insufficient, they shall be rectified in accordance with the law.

If there are more than 10 people in the hotel, independent fire alarm detectors shall be installed, and automatic fire extinguishing and other fire control facilities shall be installed in accordance with the standard.

Those who park or charge electric cars illegally in buildings or houses shall be cleaned up according to law.

If the number and area of tenants exceeds the legal standard, they shall be rectified in accordance with the law.

If the outer walls are equipped with metal barriers that are difficult to open outwards or obstructions that affect escape and fire fighting and rescue, they shall be removed.

If there are other potential safety problems, they shall be rectified in accordance with the law.

It is not hard to see that changshu is determined and strengthened in the renovation of the "three in one" garment workshop.

But in contrast, there are still many small workshop owners and small business owners do not agree.

"Changshu has a large number of garment factories, and a large proportion of small businesses are farmers.

Although the factory is small, but the production operating costs low, flexible production, if all in accordance with the standards of "triad" rectification, will need to find another dormitory for workers, plus additional storage costs, factory production cost will increase a lot."

Many small business owners say so.

According to the local department in charge of screening, in changshu city streets the wangs and there are 10 3 and a half layer building residential building for the opening of a garment processing workshop, the internal space of the crowded living, without authorization, segmentation and so on fire control safety hidden trouble;

There are dozens of commercial houses and roof roofs in nansha road of yushan street.

Jean of northwest sichuan street address factory original garment processing small workshops for more than 30 people living among them, the production and accommodation area of the plant is no physical space, share place for doors and Windows, and set the balcony escape rescue of metal fence;

There are more than 800 permanent residents and 4,000 floating people in xiaoyi village of changfu street. More than half of them have rented houses, the environment is dirty and poor, and there are a large number of illegal buildings.

Not only changshu, but also the "three in one" problem in some garment industry clusters in other regions.

In hengfan town, wujiang district, suzhou city, jiangsu province, the hometown of woolen sweaters, similar "three-in-one" workshops are springing up everywhere.

In a horizontal fan in the town of processing wool sweater in small workshops, two rows of printing equipment is put in the courtyard in the workshop, the workshop is on the side of a few staff dormitory, with high and low bed, dormitory and workshop.

"The staff accommodation area is mixed with the processing workshop, which is a typical 'three-in-one' place."

"Power lines, equipment, clothing and employee dormitories are mixed together, and there is a lack of fire protection facilities and many safety risks," said the head of the local authority.

Leaves home port village is cross town of woolen sweater processing workshop is concentrated village, not long ago, the region's comprehensive law enforcement, homeland, safety, fire control, public security and living building multi-sectoral composition and so on comprehensive law enforcement action group, in the village to carry out a clampdown on site.

Small business should not be the same as "mess"

We have learned, in a lot of clothing industry cluster, similar to the "triad" place not through unified planning, construction planning department also does not have the fire department fire protection design review and completion inspection and acceptance, is illegal product from the beginning.

It is understood that the safety hazards of these buildings have the following common features: most of the buildings are for residential buildings and rental houses to change their USES, and there are also some temporary buildings built in violation of regulations, with low fire resistance levels.

Poor evacuation escape conditions, blocked evacuation stairs, single safety exit;

Lack of fire fighting facilities, lack of fire water, inadequate fire fighting equipment, accommodation, storage, production and other different purposes of rooms without fire separation;

Fire load is large, combustible, inflammable goods are many, shocking fire hazards can be seen everywhere, fire resistance is very poor.

"Safe production has always been a blind spot for many small workshops and small businesses.

Changshu safety director said, "the market, the cluster of orderly development for a long time, must make safety their first priority, this needs constantly to the enterprise, especially the content of the education related to the small business, supervision and regulation."

"If it is a few small workshops or small businesses' triad 'problems, the rectification is relatively easy, but the problem is this kind of circumstance is too common, every family in a building to rent money, from the outset laid the innate potential safety hazard.

Now it's very difficult to make up for it by the day after tomorrow, by adding stairs and fire services.

Changshu, head of the public security fire brigade said, "although many small business owners to" triad "renovation work do not understand even with resistance, but in fact, regardless of business size, are not at the expense of safety for profit."

"In the long run, the development of the garment industry in changshu is inseparable from small enterprises, but the production mode of this" three-in-one "workshop also needs to be reformed."

"Small businesses and small workshops don't necessarily mean dirty, messy and poor," said a person in charge of a clothing company in changshu.

If security is not guaranteed, what else is there to make money?"

For represented by changshu apparel industry cluster, factory, warehouse, are fire hazards more places, especially in villages and towns of small workshops, small businesses, especially should strengthen security work.

, changshu, said an official with the relevant departments of the safe production is the bottom line, social stability and life safe, its security is the wish of the people the most simple, no security, no happiness, the acquisition, production safety this string is not a moment to relax.