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China Textile City : Autumn And Winter Knitted Fabrics Are Popular

Oct 25, 2017

Recently, the traditional market of China's light textile city has been selling a lot of products, and the creative fabric has been growing locally, and the price is relatively firm, and the added value of the new fabrics has a boost.

21S combed cotton knitted single surface ground floor, 185CM, 180g/m2 fabric is popular, small batch bulk delivery of local increase.Knitted cotton pin increase the layout department, 26 s combed cotton knitting single-sided grinding fleece width 185 cm, 160 grams/square metre fabrics bright red, mei red, pink, purple, white, cream-colored fabric local small batch order with many kinds of colour and lustre, local outlets delivery small increase.The 40S pure cotton knitting frame door is 170CM, 140g/m2 of fabric local gain popular, special black, violet red, grass green, lake orchid, boran and other color fabrics local door market small batch multicolor color goods delivery.21S cotton knitted flat cloth door 185CM, 180 g/m2 fabric bleaching, white, rice white, beige and other color varieties local sales smooth.The 32 s fine cotton knitting fabric door width 190CM, 130 g/m2 fabric local dynamic sales increase. 

There is still a large number of local door market for knitting air - layer fabric. The door width of 165CM, 300g/m2, magenta and abbot is still in bulk.32S pure cotton 1 x 1 knitting frame rib door with 130CM, 230 g/square meters of pure black color fabrics of local doors and small bulk delivery.Knitting is not pure cotton combed wool width 182 cm (net), 360 g/m2 fabrics to pick, watermelon red, mei red color fabric local outlets order batch is opposite bigger, part of the large-scale business outlets with bulk shipment.

In the past few days, a large number of products have been made in the local market of the fabric, such as 165CM and 320 grams/square meters.The door width of 155CM, 380 grams per square meter of the color fabric of the local market is still more than a large number of shipments;The two kinds of color fabric part of the scale of the operation of the market of the car.

Knitting increased local order batch fail velvet, polyester DTY fail down, kam polyester single fail wool, polyamide fiber is not single fail down, kam cotton wool, kam is not single pile width 165 cm, 320 grams/square metre grey fabric part scale business outlets order increase, the occasional vehicle delivery.

Knitting single-side fail pile sides play part mould sex business outlets order quantity increase, with polyester elastomer to fail on every play, nylon elastomer to fail on every play, kam polyester elastomer to fail on every play, kam cotton high elastic fail flocking played all around, play jin high viscosity is not all around, width 170 cm, 350 g/m2 and 380 g/m2 local outlets delivery batch relatively large brown fabrics, with occasional vehicle delivery, tianjin customers with occasional vehicle delivery.