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China Textile City:hot Selling Knit Fabric For Fall Season

Aug 02, 2017

recently,the traditional textile market of China Textile City has been shrinking in summer, and the price has still declined. The knitting fabrics in autumn have been sold well and the prices have been firm.

Light FDY polyester knitted printed satin, semi gloss FDY knitting printing both sides bomb to bleaching black thick thick interval fabric department in Zhejiang city with bulk shipments Ningbo, Cixi, Yiwu, with occasional larger bulk shipments.

Partial shipments continued to decline in the local thin knitting fabric,The polyester filament knitting machine weft knitted cloth thin summer T-shirt, sportswear, swimwear fabric and fabric turnover declined, with 118DFDY knitting printing both sides bomb t-cloth spot market volume decline in the previous month, around the counterpart merchants subscription decline in the previous month, turnover continued to decline.118DFDY knitting printing both sides bomb t-cloth around the domestic merchants turnover continued to decline, flower type the fabric of small batch varieties in the elderly required daily turnover to go smoothly, the current turnover continued to decline, part of the corresponding flower varieties of additional subscription is still insufficient. The polyester 118DFDY knitting printing both sides bomb t-cloth, four bomb t-cloth spot transactions continue to decline, the mass of pattern fabric turnover continued to decline, sales from the previous month to continue decreased.

Autumn thick knitted fabrics locally popular, polyester Matt FDY, DTY, POY plain knitted fabric, rib knitted fabric with red strips of fabric bleaching strips has a large interval of bulk shipments, thin strips of green interval bleaching, bleaching of thin yellow fine interval Songhua, deep yellow, thin strips of interval bleached yarn dyed stripes there are many batches of fabrics and small batch delivery.