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Current Situation And Development Trend Of Cotton Textile In China

Jul 07, 2017

I. consumption situation

The first president Zhu introduced the national textile processing, cotton yarn production, usage and dosage: 1, Chinese non cotton fiber processing accounted for half of the world total; 2, yarn production is basically stable, maintained at between 1800-2000 million tons; 3, non cotton fiber is applied to cotton textile enterprises.

President Zhu pointed out that the positive effects of the reform of the cotton target price policy of the cotton textile industry from raw material; at the same time, analysis of cotton reserves put the pointed out that issues related to cotton reserves quality structural and market demand; through nearly a year of cotton and chemical fiber raw materials prices of cotton, cotton yarn and cotton pointed out that the domestic price has improved since the fourth quarter last year, textile enterprises profitability increased; chemical staple amount is relatively stable, the proportion of the overall upward trend.

Two, running quality and efficiency

In 2016, the operation of the cotton textile industry remained stable: the yarn output grew faster, the main revenue and profit increased, and the loss level declined; cotton textile investment rose slightly; the prosperity index rose. Compared with the whole cotton textile industry, the profit growth of listed companies is very good. Judging from the quality and efficiency of operation, larger enterprises and non cotton fiber enterprises have stimulated the growth of the industry as a whole.

Three 、 Xinjiang textile

Five advantages: Xinjiang cotton textile enterprises have sufficient raw materials, preferential policies, energy price, vast land, regional advantages etc.. In the past three years, central to the development of Xinjiang textile and garment industry to promote employment strategy, Xinjiang has become China's textile investment growth engine, and has been the global textile industry chain; Xinjiang is China's major cotton producing areas, before the reform of the target price policy for three years, before other cotton textile industry into Xinjiang, after years of hard work, are related industries into Xinjiang development; from the original intention of the employment policy, the focus of future development of the textile industry in Xinjiang is to promote the employment of the better effect of the textile industry tilt terminal.

President Zhu pointed out: "every five year plan, Xinjiang has a passion for spinning capacity.". Xinjiang cotton are transformed into cotton yarn; but because the local market is limited, the west development has not yet been fully opened, Xinjiang also need to be transported to the mainland cotton yarn and digestion, which makes Xinjiang the product homogeneity of textile enterprises is affected, the current pattern of domestic regional division is still in the throes of adjustment. In the future, policy orientation is the dominant factor affecting the development of Xinjiang textile industry. Xinjiang should make full use of existing capacity and allocate resources rationally.

Four, the development trend

Consumption data from the major countries can be seen, clothing and accessories retail sales growth decline; the prospects for the development of cotton industry in good steady progress, steady under the investment rose, the slowdown in investment; from confidence index point of view, the upward trend.

Finally, Zhu talked a lot and gave advice on how to ensure the supply of cotton:

1, the future of domestic cotton supply and demand gap still exists, especially the high quality cotton has seriously affected the competitiveness of the industry, should emancipate the mind, the recent can issuance, turn into the appropriate imported cotton to fill the demand of high quality cotton, medium and long term, liberalization of import quota is imperative.

2, China's cotton production needs to follow the road of intensive production and large-scale production, and encourage advanced production methods and technological progress, effectively reduce costs. Some cotton spinning enterprises have been rapidly transformed, and digital production is making great strides. The production technology of chemical fiber is in the forefront of cotton spinning, and its development will surely promote the extensive application of cotton spinning enterprises.

3, spare no effort to improve cotton quality, improve cotton quality. The promotion of the intrinsic quality of cotton may need a process, but the control of the opposite sex fiber depends on the guidance and management of the policy and the market, and hopes that the relevant departments will pay more attention to it.

4, make good use of non cotton fiber, reduce operational risks and expand the market.