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Development Trend Of Future Clothing Fabric

May 11, 2018

The first is the modeling feature. The fabric is thin, thick, light, soft, strong, elastic and drape. Different fabrics determine their softness, fluidity, profile clarity and rigidity with their styling characteristics, drapability and elasticity. Light, thin, pre - and soft fabrics have good drapability, elegant clothing and strong motion. Thick, solid, strong and durable fabrics, the garments are clear in profile and tall in shape. When choosing fabrics, we should consider the characteristics of different fabrics, select the appropriate fabrics that can show the styling style so as to make the performance of the garments appear.

Secondly, the appearance features have different colors, patterns, gloss, surface texture, texture, perception and so on, giving people different feelings, and can form a variety of different styles of clothing. For example, the red feeling is warm, warm and festive, the blue feeling is cold, clean and rational; the circular pattern feels soft, the diamond pattern feels strong; the glossy fabric feels gorgeous and rich; the surface of the smooth and smooth fabric feels fine and clean; the smooth and smooth fabric feels cool.

Also is the fabric to take sex, take sex to the fabric with different performance requirements, some to comfort the main, some emphasis on firmness, some pay attention to warmth, and some care about the beauty of the appearance. The mechanical durability, wearing comfort, appearance, sensory, antifouling, moisture absorption and crease resistance of the fabric affect the wear performance of the fabric.

The development of garment fabrics is developing with the changing demand in the application field. The future development of the fabric should be developed to the function of science and technology and the development of green environment. The clothing fabric should have the comfort and air permeability of natural fiber, and it should be not easy to wrinkle and shrink the chemical fiber. It can be dressed and placed at will. It can keep warm or heat dissipation with the change of environment temperature. It can eliminate the adverse health factors in the living space, and can resist the UV line, antibacterial, anti mite and so on.