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Dragon Boat Short Break Notice

May 26, 2017

There will be a three day break from 28th to 30th as this is a fixed holiday in China.  And this holiday is celebrated by a lot of people call it the dargon boat day.  

Dragon boat day is a memorial day of a historical giant QuYuan in Chinese histroy.  QuYuan is nominated as one of four world-famous cultrual giants because all the poems and epic articals he left as well as his abnormal life and his cultrual influence to eastern world.  Back to the waring states around 340BC, QuYuan was born in Chu state, the largest state at the time and later the archenemy and the most fearful opponent to Qin state, which later on build the first dynasty of Qin in China.  During his life of pursuing power and trying to make his state a better place both for the lord and the people, QuYuan not only left the poems and articles read for 3000 years by Chinese, he also tried to enforce his revolution ideas which may have changed the history if succeeded.  


But like all the good stories, QuYuan's career was not stable but rather like a drama.  Because of his integrity offended a lot of cunning people in Chu state, he was set up and with Qin's siege, Chu lost cities after cities.  He was exiled two times for insisting on his ideas and for the people, his career was rather tragic.  After the second the set up as well as hearing the lost of some critical cities, he finally had enough and decided to drown himself into the Mi'luo river.  

The people valued him as potentially the saviour of all the minior state and the hope of Chu, so in order to keep his remain from the fish, they made rice dumplings then dump into the river which later on made a delicacy especially for the dragon boat festival.  Other than the dumpling, people at that time was rumored tried to savage his body from the river but failed in the end.  And this is where the dragon boat race tradition came from.  The reality made a true man and a patriodic giant pass away, but those who he protect and he cared for raised him up and he shall not fade away in their mind.  

After all these stories, hope you could understand the holiday better and wish you a good day!