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During The Textile Season, The Goods Have Been Put Together To Implement The New Printing And Dyeing Regulations

Oct 13, 2017

During the textile season, the goods have been put together to implement the new printing and dyeing 


This year, the entire textile industry is facing the problem of transformation and 

upgrading,so the future of all the big and medium-sized enterprises in the industry will be decided in 

their own hands. 

The printing and dyeing enterprises need to adopt new technology, new technology,new equipment and new 

materials to develop textile products with intellectual property and high added value.This requirement 

directly affected the printing and dyeing enterprises themselves transformation and upgrading 

problems.Waste water treatment in dyeing industry is the most important issue. Enterprises must 

purchase advanced waste water treatment equipment by themselves or by accessing centralized wastewater 

treatment facilities.In addition, the product qualified rate is above 95%.