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Dyeing Costs Have Gone Up For The First Time Since The Spring Festival!

Feb 16, 2019

After the Spring Festival, the price of disperse dyeing materials, dyeing fees and raw materials rose for the first time!

The specific reasons for the rise in the price of disperse dyes are analyzed as follows:

1. Environmental protection is under great pressure. In 2019, the second round of central ecological environment protection supervision and "looking back" started. From January 18 to 19, 2019, the National Conference on Eco-environmental Protection was held. Li Ganjie, Minister of Eco-environment, said that it would take four years for China to complete the second round of central supervision on eco-environmental protection and "look back". Strict environmental protection will affect the normal production of dyestuff manufacturers to varying degrees. Not only will the cost of environmental protection control soar, but also the periodic adjustment of production restriction will affect the supply of disperse dyestuff market.

2. Several dyestuff and intermediates enterprises in Lianyungang are facing closure, and the supply of dyestuff market is hindered. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Guannan County of Lianyungang issued a list of chemical enterprises'closure lists. There are 20 chemical enterprises that have reached the municipal closure standards, including several dyestuff and dye intermediates manufacturers. Although, in the same period, some disperse dyestuff enterprises in northern Jiangsu and Shandong which stopped production in 2018 will gradually resume production, due to environmental pressure, the actual output of the enterprises is far less than the output before the discontinuation.

3. It is the national strategy to fight the key battles of pollution prevention and control. On December 19-21, 2018, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting pointed out that we should consolidate the achievements of "three go, one fall and one supplement" and promote more industries with excess capacity to clear up. In order to fight the battle of pollution prevention and control, we should stick to our position, consolidate our achievements and focus on winning the battle of blue sky defense.

4. The market competition situation of disperse dyes has become oligopoly, and the demand of disperse dyes is basically stable. Increasing the concentration of disperse dyes market will affect the market supply and demand, improve the bargaining power of sellers, and then promote the rise of the market price of disperse dyes. In 2018, the performance of the listed companies of disperse dyes is good. If the performance of the listed companies continues to grow in 2019, the price rise of products is the most direct and effective measure.

5. The peak season is coming. After the Spring Festival, printing and dyeing enterprises will enter the annual production peak season, dye demand will increase, and this year, the stock of printing and dyeing enterprises and distributors before the Spring Festival decreased compared with previous years.

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