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Environmental Protection Forced Textile Industry

Sep 06, 2017

Environmental protection inspectors and safety supervision storm superimposed on both sides, this August is not peace。

August 7th, the central fifth environmental protection supervision squad inspector, Sichuan mobilization meeting held in Chengdu,Opened the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors work Prelude.

According to the arrangement, the 8 groups of inspectors in from August 7th to 15th continue to implement supervision stationed, to Jilin, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hainan, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang (including the Corps) to carry out supervision, implementation of the provinces (area, city) inspectors full coverage.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang as an important gathering place of China textile industry, environmental protection is intensified and the tide shut down! Face the environmental storm, textile circle of friends and "fryer".

Recently, such a message in the circle of friends scraper: Zhejiang dyeing factory, textile factory, closed 377, 140 relocation, relocation agreement signed 54, off 1631.2577 home "three noes" enterprises next month will be closed. Guangdong shut down 623, the relocation of 265, off 4263. All of the "three no" enterprises in October will be fully closed.

Insiders sigh with emotion: environmental protection storm is not extinguished, safety supervision storm again, this round of inspections, to force the industry big reshuffle. It seems that after environmental protection, production safety has not done in place textile enterprises, is really dead!

Capacity crunch, far more than for the fabric manufacturing prices rose sharply so simple!

Basic necessities of life, clothing in the first place. However, the textile industry is a traditional industry, domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the industry again "rise of the" four gathering clouds and rolling mists, and seeing this situation, many companies can only choose to cut and stop sending orders. However, despite the short-term market impact, in my opinion, this time because of environmental impact on remediation in the industry, not only for the textile products far end prices so simple.