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Environmental Protection Storm

Aug 23, 2017

Zhejiang dyeing factory, textile mill: 377 closed, relocated 140, signed a relocation agreement 54, 1631 power outages, 2577 three-no-enterprises (It refers to enterprises with no capital, no plant, and no administrative structure) will be totally closed next month.

Jiangsu closed 623, relocated 265, 4263 power outages. 

Shandong closed 1080, moved nearly 631, 236 power outages, all "three-no-enterprises" enterprises will be closed in October.

Environmental protection hidden behind the tide of price increasing.

In the second half, the problem is not the price high or low, but even if you have money, I do not necessarily have goods. 

All because of environmental protection storm, so it is the best way to value and cherish your suppliers!