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July 2017 China Cotton Textile Industry Boom Report

Aug 25, 2017

July 2017 China cotton textile industry boom report

July 2017 China's cotton textile climate index was 48.24, compared with June fell 0.65, in line with expectations. July cotton industry to deepen the off-season, the industry boom index decreased, cotton yarn, gray cloth to sell down, affected by high temperature weather, textile enterprises cut production and conversion phenomenon increased. August is the traditional busy season over the month, is expected to downstream demand will be improved, China's cotton textile industry sentiment index will rise slightly.

Raw material purchase price index

July raw material purchase price index 50.83, compared with June rose 0.33, in line with expectations.In mid-July after the cotton textile enterprises began to postpone the late cotton hoard goods, reserve cotton auction increased enthusiasm, but the market began to reserve cotton market will postpone the news, the auction enterprises to wait and see, spinning enterprises slow pace of auction. In August, the Cotlook A index will be converted to the New Year Index, the reserve cotton postponed to determine, as of now, the average price of reserve cotton continued to decline, driven by a slight decline in spot prices. August although the rubber prices rebounded slightly, but the cotton and polyester staple fiber resources in a loose state, the price stability is likely to decline, the raw material purchase price index will decline.