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Keqiao Small-scale Printing And Dyeing Factory In 2019 Before Shutting Down The Traditional Textile Industry Has Undergone Tremendous Changes

Aug 18, 2017

Recently, the reporter in Zhejiang Keqiao research, in environmental protection, high pressure forced enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity, textile printing and dyeing enterprises throughout the country limit production and production, all kinds of news in an endless stream, Keqiao is no exception. According to China Cotton network reporter, in 2017 1-7 months, Keqiao weaving industry operating rate decreased by 30%, even if the market is better month, there is no full load production. Textile people in front of the line said, "this is not only a greater impact of the economic downturn, but also a change in the traditional textile industry performance.".

Keqiao textile printing and dyeing industry accounts for 30% of the country's total capacity, and it is also a pillar industry in Keqiao. With the embarrassment of excess production capacity and the needs of ecological development, the "low, small and loose" printing and dyeing enterprises are moving and merging. They are the only choice that Keqiao textile people have always been fond of and afraid of.

With the completion of Keqiao Binhai Industrial Park, more and more large capacity printing and dyeing enterprises have been settled, and many of them have invested hundreds of millions of yuan to update equipment and build new factories. After pains, moved into the industrial park enterprises enjoy a more reasonable plant layout; Industrial Park sewage treatment plant facilities, each enterprise need not self built sewage treatment pool; convenient transportation way and so on, so that the original small printing successful upgrade.

However, in the face of financial pressure, there are indeed some enterprises have not settled in the industrial park, but also mentioned at the beginning of the company was forced to shut down. Meditation for, textile people should see different views and voices outside. Environmental protection unqualified printing and dyeing enterprises cost is low, because the sewage discharge treatment cost is low, and even zero cost free emission. As for the industry, unfair competition is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry; in society, what consumes and destroys is the earth's resources. As a warning for the future, Keqiao printing and dyeing remediation has been at the forefront of the country, a small printing and dyeing factory will be shut down in 2019 before the full.