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May First One Day Break Notice

Apr 28, 2017

First of all, congratulate on my city Zhangjiagang which is also where we manufacture and live as the cleanest city in China.  It is already a hard task for a city with its small scale to achieve economic miracles, let alone maintaining the tidiness and cleanness at the same time.  Since a lot of people might not know this amazing city, it is located in Jiangsu province, which is the chest part of China if you consider China's map as a chicken.  Zhangjiagang is within the Yangtze delta, a delta where Yangtze river goes into the East China sea running throught the last land, Shanghai.  A secondary city belonged to Suzhou, it is indeed a sparkle of the Yangtze delta economic zone.  

Another nouncement is that China celebrate the international worker's day as well, so otherthan fixed sunday break, there is be an addtional break day on Monday, 1st of May.  Though we can still quote prices, and keep contact with you and your orders, the parcel pick up and sending will be delayed.  But since it is a short break, hopefully everything is still on schedule and nothing will be delayed.  

And all faculties of Ruili wish you a good worker's day!