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NetEase Kaola

Jan 09, 2019

On the afternoon of January 8, in response to media reports that consumers bought Canadian goose down jacket on netease koala is a fake, netease koala issued a notice that netease koala internal and Canadian goose official double check, confirmed that the Canadian goose sold on the platform is genuine.

Netease koala said in the announcement "In view of the inconsistency between the appraisal results issued by the Canadian goose authorities to consumers and netease koalas respectively, in line with the principle of being responsible to consumers, netease koalas will send the original commodity to the headquarters of the Canadian goose for physical appraisal under the supervision of impartial personnel. We will also try our best to communicate with the brand side, and strive to have the opportunity to go to the scene with consumers to supervise and witness, and bear all the costs arising therefrom." 

Established 60 years ago in the Toronto warehouse, the Canadian goose is Canada's national treasure level down jacket. It is now a globally renowned luxury down jacket brand. The average price of down jacket sold in its Tmall flagship store is over 5,000 yuan.