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New Emission Standards For Thallium And Antimony Pollutants In Textile Dyeing And Finishing Industry In Jiangsu Province Are Implemented.

Mar 26, 2019

    In order to minimize the impact of thallium and antimony pollutants discharged by industrial enterprises on the water environment, two local standards, the Thallium Pollutant Discharge Standard for Iron and Steel Industry Wastewater and the Antimony Pollutant Discharge Standard for Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry Wastewater, have been formulated and promulgated in our province recently, and implemented on September 1.

    Thallium widely exists in ores in trace form, so a small amount of thallium-containing wastewater will be produced in the iron and steel industry during smelting process, but there is no Thallium emission limit requirement in the national pollutant discharge standards of the iron and steel industry at present. Therefore, through investigation, monitoring and research, the discharge limit of thallium pollutants in steel industry wastewater is determined to be 0.002 mg/L at the outlet of workshop or production facility wastewater. Jiangsu is the most stringent standard in China at present.

    Antimony pollutants mainly come from waste water discharged from textile dyeing and finishing industry, especially chemical fiber printing and dyeing enterprises. Considering that Jiangsu is a major textile dyeing and finishing province, our province has formulated local standards that are stricter than the national standards. The total antimony emission limit of textile dyeing and finishing wastewater in Taihu Lake area is 0.08mg/L. For areas with small water environmental capacity and prone to serious water environmental pollution, which need special protection measures, the direct discharge requirement of textile dyeing and finishing enterprises is more stringent, which is 0.05mg/L.

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