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Polyester Staple Fiber Manufacturers Inventory Is Low

Jul 26, 2017

Industry dynamic

1, 2017 polyester staple fiber production capacity of 6.79 million tons.Within the capacity of this calculation but not currently driving device includes xiang sheng 200000 tons of 200000 tons, the far east, Shanghai constant from 120000 tons, the rest is not driving device is temporarily not in production.

2, fujian xiang heron on August 29, the 2 sets of polymerization device for parking overhaul, which involved 200000, filament, staple 180000 (currently under negative operation), temporary or mid-september to restart now.

Direct spinning polyester staple this week 3, sinopec guidance price: 1.4 D semifinished 8750 yuan/ton, 1.2 D 9500 yuan/ton.

4, July 14, the us international trade commission announced that on imports from mainland China, India, South Korea and Taiwan region of fine denier polyester staple fiber to make anti-dumping industry injury positive preliminary, and at the same time to imports from China and India product damage affirmative preliminary countervailing industry.The Commerce Department is due this year on August 24, make a countervailing preliminary, November 7 to make preliminary anti-dumping.

5, the raw material this week shock downward, polyester staple fibre on the sidelines, trading is not much, downstream manufacturers replenishment is early fall, basic just need replenishment.Recent polyester staple fiber manufacturer product inventories rose slightly, mainstream manufacturers inventory 7 to 13 days, some slightly high and low.

Looking forward to

Raw materials, crude oil volatility adjustment recently, surface of supply and demand is expected to balance;PTA is an restart or in recent device to restart, but the supply is still tight, and the toll fee is above one thousand yuan, still to be polyester prices follow up;MEG's recent high finishing as the core more.Week end PTA real-time operating at 67.3% (now 48.84 million tons of production base), polyester construction load average around 85.4%.

Downstream of the demand side, the recent polyester staple smooth return, order more early back, apparently later downstream or just need replenishment.

Supplies, raw materials recent decline influence polyester staple trading, factory orders partial light, maintain normal delivery in the short term, as inventories still medium low position, factory shipment low possibility is low.

Taken together, the recent raw material adjustment, the downstream replenishment cautious, polyester staple fiber factory inventories low makes it still has certain defensive in the short term, but the terminal orders is still weak, if raw materials continue to weaken, polyester staple fiber or slightly late callback possibility.Later need to focus on oil prices change, after PX prices, and downstream yarn factory orders, etc.