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Prices Lowered And Incoming Festival Notice

Mar 30, 2017

First of all, after the temporary fuel price incline as well as the break effect, the raw material polyester has finally put to a halt.  Though the price is still higher than October 2016 that of the same fabric, the polyester fabric prices such as coral fleece, sherpa, plush fabric and some portions of lamb fur fabric has been lowered and are no longer so scary.  


And there will be a fixed holiday incoming from 2nd April to 4th in China for all factories and companies called Qing Ming festival.  It is a traditional festival created to mourn the dead family members and there is a whole religion behind its back.  

The conceptions towards the dead ones of Chinese are mainly from Buddhism, there are four worlds in the world: the heaven, the hell, the Buddhist heaven and the earth.  And people can be gods if they achieved themselves, they shall also be punished in hell if they have done too many sins in their lifetime.  The spirit separate from the body when a man dies and may still exist and wandering around until the reincarnation, therefore, Chinese do respect the spirits till this day because maybe the dead families or their loved ones are around them.  

The Qing Ming festival is created to "have some time with the dead ones and to mourn the family members in spirit form".  During the holiday, there will usually be a family reunion with a big dinner and a ceremony which some elders and the youngs of the family burn paper-made fake money to sacrifice for the dead ones.  

People believe that the heaven also uses currency to purchase things the dead ones need, therefore, by burning the fake paper money just like when you burn the body, the money would go to their dead members.  So as placing out the dishes of food, fruits and snack, that people would share the same food as their lost family members and be together even in different worlds.  Furthermore, people would go to places where they bury the lost one's remain or the tomb (usually in a mountain) and to sweep the tombs and express their moods.  Now, it has become a valuable holiday to get a family reunion and get on a hike for majority of the white collars in China.  


Qing Ming festival also has its influence spread out of China, Southeast Asia and Japan holds the similar conceptions towards dead ones and some of them do set these day up as a national holiday.  

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