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Selling Goods Online Requires A Business License

Oct 17, 2018

This means that natural person e-business will be the same as the traditional self-employed households in the future need to hold a license to work. 

The most striking content of the e-commerce law is to elevate the e-commerce operators to the same status as offline entity operators, and clearly stipulate: "the e-commerce operators should handle the registration of market subjects in accordance with the law."

Yiwu purchase general manager wang jianjun was not surprised by the news.

As a pioneer in promoting online and offline integration of the physical market in China, yiwu purchase platform has gathered more than 50,000 brick-and-mortar merchants in China's small commodity city.In order to promote the standardized management of the platform, three years ago yiwu purchase, in conjunction with relevant departments such as yiwu market supervision bureau, launched a unique online business license mechanism - yiwu purchase online business license.

The reporter learned that the first online business license of yiwu purchase was issued on March 18, 2015.The license is based on the account number of yiwu shops, which is the business license issued by the government departments after the authentication of the merchants on the platform.The online business license of yiwu purchase enhances the integrity of merchants on the platform, brings the certification and supervision of online operators into the national supervision system, and realizes the standardized certification and supervision of online operators of yiwu purchase, thus elevating the construction of the integrity system of yiwu purchase to a new height.Online merchants who get yiwu's business license say it is easier for buyers to trust them in their day-to-day operations because they have another "identity card".

In June 2016, yiwu purchase and regulatory authorities jointly promoted the "bright lighting operation" of merchants on yiwu purchase platform.According to the regulations, merchants on yiwu purchase platform should make a prominent position on the main page of business activities, disclose relevant information of business license or electronic link mark of business license, so as to regulate their business activities more effectively.