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Sustainable And Traceable Quality US Cotton

Jun 21, 2019

Sustainable and traceable quality US cotton

As a globally trusted cotton, US cotton has excellent sustainability and traceability, providing high-quality natural fibers for the cotton textile supply chain, meeting the needs of textile companies and retail brands for sustainable development. Ms. Mao Kailin said: “Cotton has a much smaller impact on the environment than chemical fiber. US cotton leads the world in terms of its best actions in terms of sustainability. For both the environment and sustainable development, US cotton is The best choice.” In terms of traceability, US SUPIMA cotton teamed up with innovative technology leader Oritain to allow all SUPIMA cotton to be traced back to origin. In addition, the US Upland Cotton Origin Traceability Project using Oritain “Fingerprint” forensic technology is being piloted and is expected to be fully implemented by 2020.