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Technological Innovation Will Promote Great Changes In China's Textile And Dyeing Industry.

Jul 06, 2018

Suzhou Di Lian environmental protection technology company has been carrying out scientific and technological research since 2010, aiming at the characteristics of traditional cylinder dyeing process, such as high pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency. After 8 years of innovation and application, the DLN Green Eco photoelectric intelligent printing and dyeing system developed by ourselves has finally changed the traditional process of dyeing and weaving with cylinders in 2800.

The core of the technology of eco photoelectric intelligent printing and dyeing system is to use a new type of dye and photoelectric technology, adopt an instant color pattern, completely subvert the traditional dyeing process, do not need water printing and dyeing and cleaning, do not need traditional waste water treatment, do not need boiler heat (steam) supply, and realize the waste water in the whole process. Environmental protection production of "zero emissions" of waste gas and sulphide.

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