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Textile Printing And Dyeing Chain Reaction, Environmental Protection Forced Prices Continued To Rise!

Sep 01, 2017

According to local textile enterprises, since July, the Ministry of environmental protection supervision and strict pollution enterprises have been shut down, large and medium-sized enterprises are no exception by strict rectification, increase environmental protection and dust removal equipment, the heavy pollution of dust and chemical fiber enterprises large viscose enterprises, not only the rise, was shut down by not therefore, minority, the majority of enterprises continue to increase processing products.

Textile factory cost and environmental impact around the rise a

Since the middle of July, the price of polyester staple fiber has risen sharply in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. 26, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area 1.4D direct spinning polyester staple fiber prices in 8400-8500 yuan / ton, in early July prices remained at 7600 yuan / ton near, only a short period of ten days, or up to 700-800 yuan / ton.

The rise in viscose staple fiber should not be underestimated. 26, Ji Lu Lu 1.5D*38mm staple staple fiber prices at 16200-16300 yuan / ton, the high price to 16500-16800 yuan / ton, compared with the first month of this year rose 1000 yuan / ton line.

It is reported that the city of Wenzhou leather leather Kieb chamber of Commerce raised 0.2~0.4 yuan / m, Taihu cloth enterprise group association raised fabric price 0.3~0.5 yuan / m.

Textile enterprises "dumb eating Coptis," there are bitter can not say"