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The Pakistan Textile Industry Association Has Sought To Lift Restrictions On Cotton Imports

Nov 15, 2017

Pakistan textile industry association (APTMA) chairman amir yazd (Aamir Fayyaz) recently urged the government to immediately withdraw a 4% tariff on imported cotton and a 5% sales tax and so on limit, in order to make the country's textile industry to meet the requirements of the international buyers for quality textiles.


He said that despite the prime minister's commitment to the export package, the restrictions were strongly added.


Pakistani media have reported that non-tariff measures for cotton imports from India and Brazil should continue as the industry desperately needs the export textiles produced by the pollution-free medium long staple.


So far, the country's textile industry has only purchased about half of the demand for cotton, because of quality, forced to buy high-quality cotton from abroad to meet its demand.


If such restrictions continue, he added, the damage would be done to Pakistan's textile value chain.