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The Price Of Polyester Raw Material Keep Increasing

Jul 12, 2017

On July 12, the domestic polyester staple fiber prices morning post - price increases.Overnight to rising raw material prices early TA futures sharply, polyester market higher, polyester short market is also rising, manufacturers offer raised one hundred yuan, direct spinning polyester short mainstream newspaper in jiangsu and zhejiang area 1.4 D 7800-8100 yuan/ton factory, relative to the mainstream discussions or in 7800-8000 yuan/tons near the factory, some high is 8050-8100 yuan/tons near the factory.This whole afternoon PTA futures harden, polyester short market trading atmosphere is good, the factory production is generally best, part of the production and sales as high as 200% above, the current factory inventories low as a whole.Shandong, hebei polyester short market rise, prices rise one hundred yuan more, direct spinning polyester short manufacturer at 1.4 D 8000-8200 yuan/ton in the province to negotiate discounts, mainstream discussions or in 7950-8100 yuan/ton to in the province, the downstream enquiries are fair.Fujian polyester short market prices direct spinning polyester short mainstream 50,1.4 D to 8050 yuan/tons short position, specific fact talk is given priority to, negotiate or 50 yuan preferential space.Shandong nearbu pure polyester yarn market prices temporarily stabilized, the original white used high quality yarn 32 s at 12800-15400 short to send, pure black 32 s short at 12500.History.the pure polyester yarn market there is rise in price stability, including 32 s quoted price 11900 yuan/ton, 45 s rose 100 yuan to 12700 yuan/ton.Recent raw material has rose, polyester short market continue to rise, the downstream replenishment mood well, if the raw materials remain high, polyester short is expected to still have certain rising space.Needs to pay attention to the change of oil price, after the late PX prices, as well as downstream yarn factory orders, and so on and so forth.