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The Second Round Of The Us Tariff Plan Imposes 25 Per Cent Additional Tariffs On $16bn Worth Of Chinese Imports

Sep 05, 2018

The U.S. trade representative's office on Tuesday released a list of Chinese products worth about $16 billion and said it would impose additional tariffs of 25 percent on those products from August 3, CNN reported.

The list contains 279 of the original 284 tariff lines in the proposed list published on 15 June.

CCTV reporter's crown: the U.S. trade representative's office just announced a 25 percent tariff on $16 billion in goods from China, which went into effect on Aug. 23, and released a list of products.

This is trump's second wave of 50 billion to China, with the first wave of 34 billion effective July 6.

Today's 16 billion includes 279 items, five fewer than the 284 previously announced.

The reduction is in shipping containers, floating docks and sawing machinery.

The reason for the reduction, the U.S. said, was that the imposition of tariffs on the five items "could seriously hurt the economy."

Given the vital impact of Chinese goods on the us industry chain, the us statement added: if some us companies believe that certain categories of Chinese goods should be excluded from this list of tariffs, they can submit applications according to the procedures.

The four main reasons given by the us for levying taxes on China are the so-called forced transfer of technology, infringement of intellectual property rights of us companies, Beijing's help for Chinese companies to invest and merge in the us and China's theft of business from us companies.