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The Three Major Development Trends Of Textile Industry

Aug 30, 2017

China is the world's largest producer of textile clothing, consumer and exporter, is the most complete textile industry chain, the most complete of kinds of countries, with forward textile world powers camp solid foundation and obvious advantage.With the development of science and technology and the arrival of Internet + era, the future of textile industry will open up new pattern.

I. textile enterprises in the west or southeast Asia

In recent years, due to the labor costs in China is trending up, low labor cost advantage in southeast Asia, and countries in the region to implement tax and preferential policy, many textile and garment enterprises have the Denver nuggets in south-east Asia, to invest in southeast Asia gradually become a boom, especially in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, more strong investor interest.In 2017 China's textile enterprises are also conforms to the tide, blend in the army of the Denver nuggets in southeast Asia, since this year, including texhong, Hong Kong esquel, hongdou group, lutai textile and so on dozens of companies to expand the region to build factories.Textile companies in developed regions of China are also deploying factories in central and western regions such as xinjiang.

In the face of the market environment such as 2017, it is very helpless and pessimistic.It's very simple. Don't wait for the market to get better, to produce products that are profitable in such a harsh environment.To the textile industry, poor quality or ordinary products, really a road is, everyone is very clear.But quality products, whether Chinese or world market, are still very scarce, rare products, natural high prices, natural profits.Our problem is how to produce a good product at a normal, even lower cost.

Second, "Internet plus" opens the new pattern of weaving

Two sessions in 2015, Internet + are written to the basic state policy, g strong prime minister in the government report points out, "Internet +" plan to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with modern manufacturing industries such as the Internet of things, and to promote e-commerce, Internet industry and the healthy development of the Internet financial.

In 2016 Chinese clothing BBS, hangzhou summit "world Internet godfather" Kevin kelly predicted the future of the Internet textile, he has published in many years ago "out of control", foresee the trend of cloud computing, Internet of things, such as virtual reality, "when the robot replaced the artificial appeared in the textile and garment industry, the future, the fashion is not only the production of clothing as simple as that."From artificial intelligence, virtual reality, sharing and flow, he introduced the trend of Internet textile over the next ten years and twenty years.

As China's traditional pillar industry, "Internet + textile" is a pioneering work to change the present situation of textile, with 2 years of development, emerged a large number of "Internet +" B2B platform, including the global textile net, alibaba and other veteran star, also has the chain is network, connected to the Internet, search emerging platforms such as cloth.E-commerce brings the textile industry in addition to the transaction process more convenient, more is breaking the original regional restriction, will China fabrics and clothing factory of supply and demand around the joint together, so as to solve the traditional difficulty and find fabric cloth.

Third, scientific and technological innovation is injecting fresh blood into the industry

The starting point of the "machine substitution" craze has been to increase automation and efficiency in production and replace traditional human operations with machines.In 2017, the increasing cost of artificial cost made textile enterprises more difficult, thus forming the craze.

In 2017, the technology innovation capacity of the textile industry has been greatly improved, and the key technologies in various industries have been improved and promoted, and the digital and networked technologies have been widely used in all aspects of the industry chain.Enterprises attach importance to and continuously increase the efficiency of science and technology investment, and 17 achievements in the whole industry won the national science and technology award.Of "digital automatic bobbin dyeing technology and equipment" won the national scientific and technological progress first prize, 650 achievement by China textile industry association of science and technology awards, enterprises above designated size effective invention patent number is 3.4 times than that at the end of the period of "11th five-year plan".Therefore, the innovation drive plays an increasingly obvious role in the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

According to industry statistics, the water demand for fresh water per 100 meters of dyeing and printing in China has been reduced from 2.5 tons to less than 1.8 tons, and the water return rate increased from 15% to more than 30%.The annual output of recycled fiber reached 6 million tons, which increased from 9.6 percent in 2010 to over 12 percent.The "zero abandonment" campaign has had a wide impact on society and promoted the construction and development of waste textile recycling, sorting and comprehensive utilization of industrial chains.

At present, the domestic textile enterprises production equipment digital rate of 36.06%, LianWangLv 27.74% digital production equipment, production management link information penetration rate reached 50.49%, 19.82% to realize control integrated enterprise.Industry experts predict that the ratio will rise sharply during the 13th five-year plan period.