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The World Cup Has Tens Of Thousands Of Fake Tickets!

Jun 20, 2018

The World Cup has tens of thousands of fake tickets!Chinese fans are the main victims!

While the domestic fans drank beer and savored the circle of friends and cheerfully sang the details of the game, more than 30 Chinese fans from Chongqing were full of anger and frustration at the World Cup. They rushed to Russia, but they refused to enter the game because they bought fake tickets.

According to the South China Morning Post and other reports, a Russian company was suspected of falsifying about 10,000 World Cup tickets. It is estimated that about 3,500 false tickets flowed into the hands of Chinese fans through agency agencies and other means. At present, fans in Chengdu and Chongqing have been deceived.

In every World Cup, there are new fans who are full of enthusiasm but have insufficient knowledge reserves to join the team. With the increase of per capita income in China, many people will choose to go directly to the World Cup.

However, due to language barriers and information asymmetry, many people purchase tickets through the agency's website or even “cattle,” not only to “buy” but to buy tickets that are many times higher than the official fare, but also to buy fake tickets risk.

To purchase tickets for the World Cup, you should go to the official website of FIFA (website poke here) to place orders for ticket purchases, or find the agency officially announced by FIFA. This can not only guarantee the authenticity of the purchase of tickets, but also can enjoy the normal price of the ball tickets, to avoid being intermediaries to "kill a knife."