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The Yellow River Basin: Cotton Drought Appeared Cotton Market Is Ready

Jul 14, 2017

The Yellow River basin: Cotton Drought appeared cotton market is ready. Recently, Hebei, Cangzhou, although two consecutive rainfall, but due to short time, uneven distribution, and after the rain continued high temperatures, the local drought has not been eased. July 12th, Hebei, Cangzhou, Shandong, Liaocheng and other places introduced, the local drought is heavy, although cotton drought tolerance, but some cotton urgently need water.

Cangxian farmers introduced: "the temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius during the day, one day the sun down, the surface temperature over 50 degrees, the cotton moisture is poor." Shandong Liaocheng farmers said that due to the continued high temperatures and little rain, local corn pests and some crops have been bitten by insect injured all over the body. The threat to cotton pests, although we actively control, pest control, but if the weather continued high temperatures and little rain, the growth of cotton.

In cotton, excessive water will cause the cotton growth too fast, rob delivered to the peach bell leaves nutrient, caused by overgrowth; long-term high temperature and less water, it will cause malnutrition, cotton leaf abscission and yellow. 13, Shandong Liaocheng farmers have found small cotton leaf curl, bottom abscission.

It is understood that the current Shandong, Hebei and other places cotton plant in 70-110cm, the majority of cotton into the sitting peach key period, field management is particularly important for farmers, rainfall is full of expectations. The new cotton market from less than 2 months, most of the enterprises, farmers have been in preparation for the next year.

Package to farmers find a market. This year, Cangzhou in Huanghua, Yanshan, the majority of farmers, cotton bags Haixing, but has not yet formed a cluster effect, many farmers active with the surrounding 400 ginning factories, has signed a contract for the sale of individual. As one industry insider said: "wine is also afraid of deep alley, and actively promote cotton to sell a good price."."

Ginning factories are on the move. 13, 400 cotton ginning factory responsible person said: "now are doing the work of two, is a full range of machine maintenance, replacement of old equipment, new tools, all for the normal start preparation; two is the factory all staff training, strive for everyone is a quality expert, everyone is a technician."

It is understood that intends to continue the 400 ginning factories acquisition processing in the mainland than last year increased slightly this year. For example, Hebei Cangzhou a total of 400 ginning plant 83, this year to continue processing at about 20, representing an increase of about 7.

As a market source said: "everything should be early to do, people don't often lazy, the slow need to start early." The new year's eve of the acquisition of the drama has been kicked off.