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Trade War Between China And The United States: Textiles And Clothing

Jun 10, 2019

On May 13, 2019, the U.S. Trade Representative Office (USTR) announced a 25% tariff list (List 4) for about $325 billion of Chinese goods, covering apparel (HS61, 62), most household textiles (HS63, 94) and some textile machinery products (HS84), which account for more than 40% of China's annual exports to the United States. Billions of dollars in products. The United States is currently seeking public opinion on the list and will hold a public hearing on 17 June. Whether to impose a 25% tariff on the 300 billion-dollar list of Chinese goods will be decided by the latest progress of Sino-US trade negotiations after public hearings.

Earlier, on May 9, the U.S. government announced that from May 10, 2019, the tariff rate on imports of $200 billion list goods (List 3) from China had increased from 10% to 25%, including almost all kinds of textile yarns, fabrics, knitting, industrial manufactured goods and some household textiles and textile machinery products, whose annual exports to the United States exceeded $4 billion. The two lists cover almost all textile and apparel products exported by our industry to the United States in a complementary form, totaling about $45 billion.