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U.S. Wire Industry Joins Zero-Emissions Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program

Dec 08, 2017

U.S. Wire Industry Joins Zero-Emissions Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program

In 2017, AOL announced that it has officially joined the ZDHC program as a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial threads and embroidery threads for global industrial sewing. It is reported that Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) is a hazardous chemical zero-emission program. It is a contracted brand organization that emits zero emissions of harmful chemicals. Members of the organization include Adidas, Buberry, C & A, H & M, Hugo Boss, Jack wolfskin, New Balance, Nike, PVH more than 20 well-known international brands. In China, ZDHC has conducted strategic cooperation with such trade associations as China Textile Industry Association.

There is a lot of consistency between the U.S. wire industry and ZDHC. In its Sustainability Report, released in 2017, AOL claims zero landfill at 16 production sites around the world, recycling 1.1 billion liters of waste water, US $ 10 million for global wastewater recycling, and 44% Dyeing fuel renewable. American Wire Industry claims that it globally monitors manufacturing equipment both internally and externally and is strongly involved in researching new ways to achieve sustainable development goals, disclosing environmental efforts and progress in all fields every year and delivering it to employees around the world through training. All efforts are devoted to the extensive implementation of environmental initiatives in the textile and footwear industries to protect consumers and the planet as a whole.

About the US wire industry

American Wire is a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial sewing threads and embroidery threads, with manufacturing facilities in 23 countries and service networks in 50 countries in more than 100 countries. A & E sewing thread is widely used in the sewing of diversified industrial products such as clothing, automobile, textile, home textiles, medical textiles and shoes. While resolutely pursuing excellent quality and excellent customer service, the company also shoulders the social responsibility of industry leaders in the field of environmental sustainability. America Wire operates a uniform global standard that maximizes the safety and health of over 10,000 employees worldwide.