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Vice President Of China Textile Association Xu Yingxin Led The Working Group To Visit Cambodia, Laos And Myanmar

Jun 12, 2019

Entrusted by the ministry of foreign affairs in order to implement the billow mai cooperation special fund project - "push rings mae capacity textile garment industry cooperation among the six series project, set up large-scale capacity mae basin textile garment industry long-term working mechanism of cooperation, promote and deepen the billow mae textile and apparel production cooperation, the six countries on 24 April 2019 solstice, on May 3, by the China textile industry association, vice chairman, China council for the promotion of international trade, the textile industry branch executive vice President, China textile international cooperation capacity enterprise alliance ying-xin xu, executive director of the textile industry 10 professional working group led a trip to Cambodia, Laos, myanmar,

Communicate and consult with the textile and garment manufacturers' associations of the three countries, competent government departments and the business office of the Chinese embassy in the six countries on jointly promoting production capacity cooperation in the textile and garment industry of the six countries.

Meanwhile, the working group also conducted an in-depth investigation on the latest development of the textile and apparel industries of the three countries and the investment and cooperation of Chinese textile and apparel enterprises in the above-mentioned countries.