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What Is Short Pile Fabric?

Aug 09, 2017

The hole ring is divided into several: velvet, velveteen, velvet, golden velvet, flocking, tufted, corduroy, super soft short plush, polar fleece, single & double fiber silk fabric, fabric, knitted fabric cloth, cotton fabric cloth, velvet fabric cloth, warp knitted fabrics corduroy (new varieties by 50D FDY pet and DTY75D/36F (Qiang Wangsi) as raw material, made of knitted fabric woven chain structure, has been scouring desizing, dyeing, softening, shaping, stretching and deep processing).

Short plush fabric features: a new type of research and development of warp knitted velvet fabric short plush, after the depth of development, a series of products for super soft velvet, flash super soft, flat wire, flat velvet, short plush products, widely used in clothing, bedding, shoes and other major areas.