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Where Will The Development Of The Printing And Dyeing Industry Go?

Jan 23, 2019

Where will the development of the printing and dyeing industry go?

The finishing of the printing and dyeing industry has once again started, accelerating the transformation of the printing and dyeing industry from the low-end to the mid-to-high end. As a result, many small and medium-sized printing and dyeing enterprises have stopped production, resulting in changes in the format of shopping malls. The printing and dyeing orders have gathered at large enterprises, making large enterprises start full load. Work, printing and dyeing demand began to flourish, under the influence of cost promotion + environmental protection drive, printing and dyeing industry is expected to usher in a new round of prosperity. Where should the future printing and dyeing companies go?

1. Improve the level of dyeing and finishing technology and technological innovation ability

     Through technological innovation, improve the quality and function of textiles, reduce the environmental impact of chemical use, reduce the resource consumption and pollutant emissions of printing and dyeing process, and promote the development of China's printing and dyeing industry with low carbon and clean production characteristics.

2. Leading smart manufacturing to the high end

In the future, in order to adapt to the textile industry's ecology, green, low-carbon, intelligent, high-end, brand development, dyeing and finishing, energy-saving emission reduction, cleaning, high-quality products and greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The demand, the printing and dyeing industry will focus on the rapid acquisition of production and product key parameters, printing and dyeing equipment interconnection technology, and further develop a special printing and dyeing MES system with automatic scheduling.

3. Improve the sustainable development capability of the industry

Ecological safety of products; strengthen the combination of process control and end treatment to comprehensively improve the energy conservation and environmental protection level and sustainable development capability of the printing and dyeing industry.