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Winter Spring Knitted Creative Fabrics Sell Well

Dec 20, 2017

Recently, the traditional market of China's light textile city has been selling well in the early winter, with local growth and a firm price, and the added value of new fabrics has a boost.This year, knitted women's fabrics are popular in China, mainly with fashion fabrics and mass product interaction, established in the popular and different new styles, creative fabrics transaction volume increment.Winter knitting fabric marketing continues to expand, spring knitted fabrics of the foot first, some knitting fabrics from clothing fabrics to home textile fabric development.

Knitting French cashmere door is 165CM, 220g/square meter red, plum, sky blue, green, dark green, special black color fabrics local door market small and medium bulk delivery.Knitted French cashmere, knitted French cashmere and wool door width 170CM, 220g/m2 fabric local and small bulk delivery.With the increase of the color and color of the 170CM and 170g/m2 fabric of the knitted California rabbit, some of the operators still have small and medium sized shipments.

In spring, CVC knitting wool is a local market, and the thickness of CVC knitting wool is 175CM, 270g/square meters of fabric.CVC knitwear is made in small and medium sized batches of 165CM, 220g/square meter and white color fabric.

The formation of the printed air layer is local.There are relatively large batch of goods in the area of 164CM, 300g/square meters of mei red color fabric.The door width of 165CM, 300g/square meter of Tibetan green color fabrics has a large number of products, and even in large quantities, there are large quantities of goods.