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Zhangjiagang Ruili Textile's New Air Extractor

May 11, 2017

Hi dear clients

Due to the increasing shipping cost and local transportation costs, we had experienced the up and downs of prices due to two main factors: the incline and decline of raw materials and the increasing cost of shipping.  But we have come up with a way to save both your money and ours by buying an air extractor.  Since the machine is not a burden to us and it can be easily paid back, most of all, it helps save your money the most.  

If you don't have a very strict requirement on the fabric look and is in no need to use the fabrics, it is a rather good recommendation for you to ask us use the air pump.  Especially for the light weighted by fluffy fabrics like coral fleece fabric, Sherpa fleece fabrics, it could save well more than 50% of space.  For example, if you need a full 40ft container of one fabric, after the air pump process, you might only need a 20ft container.  Furthermore, it saves a lot of cost if you need around 2000-5000 meters of light weighted polyester fabrics because the fabric themselves are rather cheap.  

The pictures of the air pump are below, hope it could be a delightful moment in your day.