100% Merino Wool White Plain Knitted Fabric Sweater Coat Fabric

Supply type: make to order

Sample: free

Use: bags, shoes, toys, bedding, garments, blankets

Brand:  Ruili

Product Details

e-mail: benny7.ruili @jsmhint.com
skype: benny8.ruili @jsmhint.com

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1.       Can we get samples and are they free?

Depending on the fabrics, but usually if you want no more than 3 meters, the fabric cost will be free of charge; but because some of our customers are pretty fur from China, the express cost will not be free unless within China.  If you demand over 3 meters, the fabric cost will not be free. 

2.       Can I get the prices cheaper?

If you have had an order with us, its most likely you can get a discount from us.  Also, If your order is with large quantity, the price will be lower because the fixed cost are shared with more unit of fabric.

3.       What if my quantity is below your Minimum Order quantity?  Can I still get my fabrics done with you?

The minimum order quantity means the least quantity without surcharges, but you can still give an order wit surcharges if you find them acceptable.  Due to the fixed cost from machine warm up and dying, with less quantity, the price goes up.

4.       What is the sample lead time and bulk order lead time?

The sample lead time depend on the fabric, but it is usually 15-20 days, the bulk order lead time is usually 25-30 days. But if the quantity is larger, there might be extra time required.


Product Uses

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